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Photographing the Jackson Hole Airport

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

On a particularly cold day in November, I was hired by Jviation to photograph their new additions onto the Jackson Hole Airport. Jviation is a Woolpert company that specializes in architecture, engineering, planning, and construction. It had been a couple months since the initial planning phases of the project with the logistics of the photographs we were trying to create.

Luckily, Adam, an architectural team leader for Jviation would assist me in nearly every aspect of the job. He had the authorization and know how to get around the airport while staying within the parameters of FAA guidelines and security clearances while moving around in certain areas.


This first shot, also the last one we created, was taken from the truck bed while on a certain area of the Tarmac only specified vehicles can go. This photograph looks straight into the addition, through TSA, and out the front of the airport that looks directly at Sleeping Indian or Sheep Mountain, part of the Gros Ventre Range.

The new addition juts out from the original structure. We waited until the afternoon when the sun swung around and we could time it for a moody afternoon glow.

Blending old and new

One major focus of the project was tying in the new addition into the original airport design. The use of materials, call backs of the beams and wood color of the ceiling. So, one way to capture that is to show exactly that, old and new. This first photo we have the existing area where one of the only modifications was to the lighting structure above the desk.

This next photo is blending the two areas of the airport with a timeless design matching colors, design, and flow.

TSA and the new terminals

With the expansion and new flow to the Jackson Hole Airport, we blended the all glass terminals 1 and 2 with the TSA area. The overall new design makes it easy for those crowds big or small to move freely throughout the airport. Furthermore, it gives you a feeling that you're not right onto of the other people traveling.

TSA looking back towards the entrance.

TSA looking from the side in a gated section.

The New Terminals

All glass and endless views is how I would personally describe the new waiting area. When I'm flying out, this is the area I prefer to hang. The views go on forever and the waiting area itself is very spacious.

Views for days.

The JH logo sign was cleaned up, modified, and repurposed pulling the area together with some classic Jackson Hole antler arches.

In the second photo, you'll see the LED modification so the sign is beautifully lit up and can be seen at night.

I was humbled to photograph such a staple in the Jackson Hole area. An interesting note on the Jackson Hole Airport is that it's one of the only airports located within a National Park. Obviously, Grand Teton National Park in this case.

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