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  • Paul Lavold

Photographing The Lost Sauna Co.

Lost Sauna Co. is a mobile sauna rental company based in North Lake Tahoe in California.

Towards the end of last October (2021), the owners of Lost Sauna Co, Tony and Trevor, invited me out to help them launch their new business. I had just gotten done with some commercial photography work for another company in Minnesota a few days prior. Feeling a little worked from the prior assignment, I had another cup of coffee and jumped on a plane.

Day one, they picked me up from the airport and we headed to the beach to link up with some friends and fire that bad boy up. The time of day couldn't have been better with the sun setting and we were able to get a few pretty stellar product and lifestyle photos.

Day two was a big one. We set out early for a sunrise photo shoot and Mother Nature blessed us with a REAL ONE. After we got everything setup, we came away with what is now the Website Header. A Timelapse with some real mood to it.

Hands down, our hero shot made that morning. I was feeling it, but tried to keep it cool and not tell anyone until we were back at the computer. We continued on for a couple more hours at that location getting a variety of photos that will be great marketing and advertising assets.

We packed up, took a skate break, grabbed lunch, and continued onto our next location. While waiting for our talent (the homies) to arrive, we grabbed a few other photos that will mix well with the content we're trying to create. Tony is a damn good craftsman and made a couple of additional logos out of wood that Trevor and I played around with.

Once our talent arrived, it was time show the size of the sauna and how comfortable that thing really is with a group of people or if you're just trying to have a time with your significant other.

All in all, we were able to come away with more content than we had planned for. The shot list originally created was finished and even expanded upon. We processed a good batch of images and put together about 7 Reels for instagram. Follow along @lostsaunaco on Instagram to see where it travels and to get in touch.

And if you make a trip to the Lake Tahoe area, do yourself a favor and book The Lost Sauna Co.

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