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Agent Intro Videos

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Deb Keenan of Compass Real Estate and I collaborated on an agent introduction video and photographs for her recent luxury listing at Upper Cascades in Jackson Hole.

Through the pre-production planning process, we developed a story through scripting and what was most important in regards to the home and location. We emphasized the proximity to Grand Teton National Park and it's stunning views. We also wanted to show how private the setting of the home is. Even though there are neighbors relatively near by, we flew just over the treetops to give it a feel of being hidden. It's an incredible place sitting on just over 6 acres.

We talked about the how open it was and sold the fact it would be great for hosting and entertaining. The architecturally beautiful design of the interior with the massive beams and soaring ceilings were also something to highlight.

Views you really can't get enough of.

Showing how big the kitchen is and just how much space there is for family gatherings was another highlight. If you look out the window on the right, you can see Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Pretty rad just how many unique views this property had.

I really like this shot for showing off the beams. You can also notice the two "sub zeros" that this kitchen has.

The photo to the left here further tells the story of massive ceilings, "sub zeros", and open counter space. I would be stoked to have this kind of space in a kitchen.

Below is a view that you can't pass up and gives you a look directly through from the kitchen to the living area. It makes the views outside feel right next to you.

Being able to see these views at different times of the day would be like an ever changing art piece.

Alright moving on from the kitchen...

The soaring ceilings carry throughout the rest of the home. Here's a glimpse at the master bedroom at the other end of the home. Notice the etched glasswork on the left side of the photograph. Multiple bathrooms in the home had a similar style which made for a pretty nice touch.

The final photo I'm going to share with you is a twilight exterior which really made the home glow. This photo in my opinion gives you a sense of just how large the size of this property is. The home itself eclipses over 6,000 livable square feet and the trees tower over it. If we could have picked the time of year, I would have preferred summer but only for this photo. There is a great pond in front of the home that would have made for some really cool reflections off of the water.

Otherwise I like the snow for this shoot. Being able to see Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the snow on the Tetons really added to the experience of this place.

Thanks for reading!

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