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Video Production for Luxury Markets

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The Great Grey Mountain Retreat

The Great Grey Mountain Retreat was listed by Kendell Foreman at just shy of $4 Million and is located south of Alpine, Wyoming in the Star Valley area. Kendell inquired about some video production she would like done to showcase the property and also wanted some beautiful twilight images to highlight the architecture and relative location.

Video production to me is very collaborative. After asking enough questions and talking through the goal of the project, we scheduled a shoot day to make it happen. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to get an absolute killer morning. Thank you Mother Nature, we walked away with more than we could've asked for.

From concept to reality, I put together a list of ideas to execute on site. Knowing ahead of time, the style and flow she was after was a major part of the overall process and workflow while shooting. We gathered most of the interior video throughout the day and kept an eye on the back and forth sun/clouds we were working with. We caught a break in the clouds in the afternoon and were able to bring some life into the story. The home owners and family were ready to tap in as our talent and we were off and running.

Shooting for most of the day, we captured the best light the the property gave us. Epic sunrises, beautiful sunsets, and an amazing location. We wrapped up just after sun down and headed to post.

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